Data Turbine

BAE Systems

When one of the world’s largest defence companies asked us to help them launch their latest niche product, we built them an engine to gain powerful insights.

The Challenge

Research showed data streams available to the UK transport industry to be lacking intelligent insights. With this in mind, BAE Systems created a product called Data Turbine to help heads of departments across the industry make better decisions. Our job was to develop a campaign that would encourage these people to find out more about Data Turbine and to persuade them to work with BAE by sharing data about their operations.

Our Solution

With a very small, but very important target market, we decided to create a tactical campaign that would best demonstrate the concept behind the product. We created an online digital experience, a 3D WebGL particle engine to highlight the issue of data silos and demonstrate how the new product could solve it with more intelligent decision-making. The piece was housed on the BAE Systems AI website, under their Smart Transport area, and sent out to key decision makers.


Since launch, our engine has been inundated with positive sentiment from the BAE global team and their clients.

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